6*37 Steel Wire Ropes For Crane

  • High performance steel wire ropes for ship cranes

    Crane ropes for your ship crane TEUFELBERGER delivers innovative premium-quality steel wire rope solutions meeting the high demands of maritime cargo transport. Joint development efforts with crane manufacturers, as well as close cooperation with our suppliers ensure that our products live up to your expectations.

  • Wire Rope - Lay and Construction - Hoist & Crane Parts

    The picture of steel wire rope on this page shows a rope with right hand lay. If the strands appear to turn in an anti-clockwise direction, or like a left-hand thread, as the strands progress away from the viewer, the rope has a left hand lay.

  • Steel Wire Ropes for Cranes - FAST LIFT

    6 R. Verreet: Steel Wire Ropes for Cranes – Problems and Solutions 3.1 Problem: Internal wire breaks in a 6-strand rope with steel core During the examination of a wire rope 6x36 Warrington-Seale with a steel core (Fig. 6) no outer wire breaks could be found. After bending the rope by hand, however, it was

  • Wire Rope - Strength - Engineering ToolBox

    Minimum breaking strength and safe load for Bright wire, uncoated, fiber core (FC) wire rope, improved plow steel (IPS):

  • The use of swivels with steel wire ropes - Rope Technology

    The use of swivels with steel wire ropes Summary Whether or not a swivel should be used with steel wire ropes on cranes depends upon the rotation characteristics of the rope and the type of swivel. This paper defines three categories of steel wire rope (non rotation resistant, semi rotation

  • Pinnacle Wire Ropes - Alps Wire Rope Corporation

    Pinnacle Wire Ropes GENERAL CATALOG Wire Rope is a complex piece of machinery, in many cases containing hundreds of moving parts. A fiber core rope offers flexibility; a steel center rope yields a higher strength along with the ability to resist crushing. Steel cores are required when the environment exceeds 180o(F).

  • China Galvanized Steel Wire Rope 6*37 - China Galvanized

    Galvanized Wire Rope, Electro Wire Rope, Wire Rope manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Galvanized Steel Wire Rope 6*37, Elevator Wire Rope (8*19S+8*7+1*19W) Tongguan Brand, Galvanized Wire Rope Made by Tongguan and so on.

  • Cranes | heavy duty steel wire ropes | Asahi Ropes

    Steel Wire Strand ASAHI crane rope is a result of an uncompromising commitment to quality. Our ropes are designed to provide longer life, less downtime, and superior resistance to bending fatigue for lifting applications and adverse working conditions.

  • Appendix D Wire Rope - Bureau of Reclamation

    forged steel bases protected by an application of zinc coating (galvanized). Mobile cranes Running ropes Standing or pendant lines b. Overhead and gantry cranes c. Overhead hoists (underslung) Appendix D—Wire Rope table shown under paragraph 2.4.1 of this appendix (11.5 tons or .

  • Wire rope - Wikipedia

    Wires. Steel wires for wire ropes are normally made of non-alloy carbon steel with a carbon content of 0.4 to 0.95%. The very high strength of the rope wires enables wire ropes to support large tensile forces and to run over sheaves with relatively small diameters.

  • Wire Rope - Mazzella Companies

    properties related to the basic curve for steel rope wire. Wire rope manufacturers select the wire type that is most appropriate for requirements of the finished product. Grades of wire rope are referred to as extra improved plow steel (EIP), and double extra improved plow steel (EEIP). (These steel grade names originated at the earliest stages

  • Wire Rope Uses r’ Handbook

    Wire Rope Uses r’ Handbook. Contents WIRe RoPe BAsICs Page(s) rope for container cranes, Flex-X 7 CC is now providing extended service life in carriage op- Most wire ropes made with steel core use an IWRC. 3. strand core A strand made of wires. Typically, strand cores are used in utility cables only.

  • WIRE ROPE HANDBOOK - استانداردهاي نفت وگاز

    WIRE ROPE HANDBOOK. 2 COOKES Wire Rope Manufacture at Cookes crane and logging blocks,stainless steel pulleys. ESCO EARTHMOVING EQUIPMENT: Bucket teeth and adaptors, Super V, ripper shanks and tips, The most common steel wire grades are: 1420-1770 N/mm², and 1860N/mm². Stainless steels and other

  • Wire Rope End Fitting - General Catalog - The Crosby Group

    See Crosby's product listing of wire rope end fittings including clips, wedge sockets, sleeves, shank hooks and more - perfect for the material handling industry.

  • 6X37 S+FC Steel Wire Rope Cable | Aerial Cables,Overhead

    6×37+fc Steel Wire Rope/cable For Tower Crane , Find Complete Details about 6×37+fc Steel Wire Rope/cable For Tower Crane,6×37+fc,Steel Wire Rope,Cable For Tower … 6×37 Class FC Bright On Lexco Cable Manufacturers

  • Crane Rope - dsm

    Ropes with Dyneema ® outperform steel wire rope. More and more companies in which lifting is central are realizing that there is a lightweight alternative to steel wire rope. Ropes with Dyneema ® has the potential to handle higher payloads yet weigh 80% less than steel wire rope at the same strength.

  • Wire Rope - Steel Cable & Stainless Steel Wire Rope

    Our category includes a variety of 304 stainless steel wire rope, galvanized wire rope, and bright wire rope in configurations from the 6x19 and 6x37 c lasses. Our rigging supplies category includes hardware and accessories for cranes, dredging, excavating, hoists & winches, logging, and marine uses.

  • General Purpose Wire Rope | 6x19 & 6x37 CLASSIFICATION

    All equipment using this product must be properly used and maintained. Wire rope must be properly stored, handled, used and maintained. Most importantly, wire rope must be regularly inspected during use. Damage, abuse or improper maintenance can cause rope failure. Consult the AISI rope removal criteria on the use of steel sheaves.


    WIRE ROPE HANDBOOK. 2 COOKES Wire Rope Manufacture at Cookes crane and logging blocks,stainless steel pulleys. ESCO EARTHMOVING EQUIPMENT: Bucket teeth and adaptors, Super V, ripper shanks and tips, The most common steel wire grades are: 1420-1770 N/mm², and 1860N/mm². Stainless steels and other

  • Wire Rope Hoists - Crane Depot

    Wire Rope Hoists Sort By: Default Price (High to Low) Price (Low to High) Most Recent Filter By: Brand Advantage Coffing Harrington Yale Ace World Companies Columbia Capacity 1/2 Ton 1 Ton 2 Ton 3 Ton 5 Ton 7.5 Ton 10 Ton 15 Ton 20 Ton 25 Ton greater than 30 ton 230 Lbs. 450 Lbs. 600 Lbs. 750 Lbs. Wire Rope Hoist Type

  • Wire Rope - General Purpose, Crane Rope, Oilfield Drill Lines

    Wire rope is used for crane ropes, mooring lines, drill lines, hoist ropes, drag lines, and boom lines to name a few applications. Wire rope is stranded, helically laid, and formed using wire rope manufacturing machines, and is designed to perform in specific applications on all types of equipment.

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