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    Alloy 280 Muntz Metal. Sequoia Brass & Copper sells alloy 280 muntz metal. With a chemical composition of 60% copper, 40% zinc and a trace of iron, muntz metal is an alpha-beta brass. Also known as yellow metal, 280 muntz metal is commonly used in architectural projects because it is harder, stronger, and more rigid than other forms of brass.

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    Muntz metal has a number of important qualities; one of the most valued of these is its color (often known as yellow metal). A form of alpha-beta brass, Muntz is commonly used as an architectural metal in sheet and specific shapes as well as corrosion-resistant machine parts.

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    Muntz metal, UNS C28000, H01 Temper rod Categories: Metal; Nonferrous Metal; Copper Alloy. Material Notes: Fair to excellent corrosion resistance. Excellent hot formability and forgeability for blanking, forming and bending, hot forging and pressing, hot heading and upsetting, shearing.

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    C37000 Free Cutting Muntz Metal, Usage Manufacturing, Construction. Rs 370/ Piece Get Latest Price. Material : Low Lead Brass : Technique : Free Cutting And Forging viz. Billets/Ingots, Mother Shells, Tubes/Pipes, Hollow/Solid Rods, Sections, Profiles etc. Tell Us What Are You Looking For? To. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Get in

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    UNS C37000 (CW607N) Free-Cutting Muntz Metal C37000 Muntz Metal is a brass formulated for primary forming into wrought products. Cited properties are appropriate for the as-fabricated (no temper or treatment) condition.

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    Incepted in the year 1989, we have been engaged in offering the best quality offering superb quality gamut of C37000 Free Cutting Muntz Metal.The proposed metal is used in various industries for making components, metal sheets, rods, bars, and many more.

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    C360 Free Cutting Brass. C360 is the most common brass and is excellent for use in high speed machining operations and provides superior thread rolling and knurling characteristics. Easily soldered and brazed with a very good resistance to corrosion.

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    Leaded Muntz Metal Rod Business Directory » Bronze & Bronze Products » Bronze Rods C36500 alloy provides a lower percentage lead alloy (versus conventional free cutting and forging alloys) that aids in the compliance to this legislation while maintaining machinability ratings near that of conventional free cutting brass

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    C28000 Muntz Metal Founded and patented by English businessman George F. Muntz in 1832, Muntz Metal (C28000 or C280) is primarily used in architectural applications owing to its distinctive color. It is highly plastic metal at red heat that makes it ideal for pressing, stamping and hot forging.

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    The following alloys are included: Copper Alloy Previously Used UNS No. 3 Designation C36500 Leaded Muntz Metal C36600 Leaded Muntz. (leaded Muntz metal), C37000 (free-cutting Muntz metal), C37700 (forging brass), C46400 (naval brass Learn More about Metal Rod and Bar Stock. Copper, Brass, and Bronze Alloys (583

  • Yellow Brass - Cartridge Brass, Nordic Brass and Red Brass

    Description : Free-machining brass extruded bar in round rod, sharp corner hex bar, radius corner hex bar, square bar, and rectangle free cutting brass has a lead content of 2.5% to 3.7%, which enables the brass to be free-machining or free-cutting.

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    CBC Specialty Metals is proud to have been the supplier of the Muntz Metal used at the 9-11 Memorial site in New York City. Rods can be produced in all standard shapes. C360 Free Cutting Brass is available in the following format: Bars. 12’ (3.657m) Lengths

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    0.080" C280 MUNTZ METAL BRASS SHEET Part #: 23587. Muntz Brass C280 Sheet (0.080") is a great choice for its high ductility, electrical conductivity and ease of welding, brazing and soldering. Known for its golden color, spectacular corrosion resistance, and strength, Muntz Brass C280 sheet is commonly used as an architectural metal.

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    C28000 Muntz Metal, also known as 60/40, is copper alloyed with zinc. C280 Muntz is most commonly found in sheet and plate form. Cu Zn40 is considered a duplex alpha-plus-beta


    BRASS DISTRIBUTOR IN THE USA A METAL SOURCE, LLC inventory consists of various Brass Alloy Grades and Tempers in any size or form. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc which the proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create a range of brasses with varying properties.

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    Brass Alloy and Form C260 – Cartridge Brass – Sheet, Plate C272 – Brass – Tube C280 – Muntz – Sheet C330 – Tube – Tube C385 – Arch Brass – Rod, Bar, Shapes, Tube C353 – Leaded Brass – Plate C360 – Free Cutting Brass – Rod, Bar C464 – Naval Brass – Rod, […]

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    Extrusion rod of manganese bronze or high tensile brass is best to use for welding rods, marine fittings, valve, high strength components, steam bodies, shafts & other architectural applications. We serve this material in accordance with C 675, cz 114, cz 115, en 12165 CW 721 r & CW 722r. 4. Lead Free Brass Rod: It also called muntz metal.

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    UNS C28000 (CW509L) Muntz Metal. C28000 Muntz Metal is a brass formulated for primary forming into wrought products. CW509L is the EN numeric designation for this material. C28000 is the UNS number. UNS C37000 (CW607N) Free-Cutting Muntz Metal UNS C48200 (CW714R) Naval Brass. Further Reading.

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    Copper Alloy No. 370 is a medium-leaded brass (formerly known as Free-Cutting Muntz metal ) with good machinability. is suitable for high-speed screw machine work and is used for a wide variety of products such as gears, nuts and washers.

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    Distributor of rod, bar sheets, coil, tubes made from muntz metals & non ferrous metals. Specifications include thickness ranging from 12 oz. to 48 oz., width ranging 24 in. to 48 in. Capabilities include sawing & cutting.

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    Muntz metal acquired its name from its inventor, George F. Muntz, who developed the alloy for the lining of boat hulls in 1832. This new brass, C280 brass, maintained the anti-fouling properties of the pure copper sheathing used at the time, but was about 2/3rds the cost.