DN50 Stainless Steel Exhaust Bellows Expansion Joint

  • DN15 To 1200 MM Stainless Steel SS304 ANSI Flange

    DN15 To 1200 MM Stainless Steel SS304 ANSI Flange Universal Bellow Expansion Joint . The expansion joint consists of one bellow and two flanges in two ends.It absorbs the axial displacement of the pipeline through the flexible deformation of the bellows.This kind of expansion joint is with simple structure and low price,so it should be given priority consideration wherever can used on pipeline.

  • Bellows Systems - Single Ply Bellows

    Clark Exhaust Manifolds. Cooper Bessemer Manifolds. Single-ply metal bellows used in BSI standard expansion joints are made in all possible lengths and pipe sizes from 1” in diameter all the way up to 96”. one made up of a single ply of 0.020” thick Stainless Steel and another made up of 2 plys of 0.010” Stainless steel sheets

  • Metal Bellows Expansion Joints - Custom Made by FlexCom

    FlexCom designs and builds custom metal bellows, stainless steel bellows, pipe expansion joints, exhaust bellows, exhaust expansion joints and more with precise metal grades including stainless steel and just the right degree of single-ply versus multi-ply to carefully compensate for movement stress created by intense heat found in common applications.

  • GT Exhaust - Expansion Joint/Bellows

    Expansion Joint/Bellows Part #11 Bellows and expansion joints are typically used to connect engines to silencers. They are ideal where space is limited, but strength is a consideration to absorb heat, expansion and vibration.

  • Ayvaz | Expansion Joints, Axial Type, Lateral Type

    Ayvaz’s braided expansion joints are assembled using annularly corrugated stainless steel bellows and high strength stainless steel braiding. They are designed for o They are designed for o Go to product page »

  • Dn50 Pump Double Flange Bellow Metallic Expansion Joint

    Henan Chang Hong Mechanical&Electrical Equipment is a factory set up in 2005.. We are specializing in researching,developing and manufacturing different kinds of flexible rubber expansion joint ,single or double flange expansion joint series ,douwel joint series,flue ,air,coal pipeline compensator ,stainless steel metal hose,stainless steel compensator,pipeline equipment rubber lining ,valves

  • Bellows - GT Exhaust

    Bellows Overview Bellows connectors are generally used in expansion joint applications to absorb expansion and contraction of the exhaust system during the heating and cooling cycles of intermittent engine operation, while at the same time absorbing and isolating vibration from the rest of the exhaust system.

  • Stainless Steel Bellows - Arcflex

    Arcflex are one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel bellows and expansion joints in the UK. We have over two decades worth of experience in the design and manufacture of stainless steel bellows and state of the art on-site facilities allows us to offer a wide range of bellows suitable for any application and design requirements. All stainless steel bellows are designed

  • Expansion Joints & Bellows Manufacturers in India

    We also offer various types of quality expansion bellows like metallic, exhaust and stainless steel bellows. Get Expansion Joints Manufacturers in India at SBM Bellows. We also offer various types of quality expansion bellows like metallic, exhaust and stainless steel bellows. Expansion Joints & Bellows Manufacturers in India.

  • Metal Expansion Joints | Flexiducting NZ

    Metal Expansion Joints Exhaust Bellows – Stainless Steel Expansion Joints – Metal Expansion Bellows – Marine Exhaust Bellows. Flexiducting New Zealand supply a range of stainless steel expansion joints, flexible metallic expansion bellows and exhaust bellows, custom manufactured with flanges or pipe ends to suit your application .

  • AR Expansion Joints - Spirax Sarco

    AR Expansion Joints AR Series Expansion Axial Bellows are equipped with stainless steel (18/8 Titanium-stabilized) multiware bellows. They are manufactured in four versions, respectively suitable for pressures ranging from 9 ÷ 40 bar. In addition, two or three DN50÷600 DN40÷350 (no DN175 and 225)

  • China Stainless Steel Expansion Joint for Pipe Fitting

    Expansion Joint, Bellows Expansion Joint, Flange End Expansion Joint manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Stainless Steel Expansion Joint for Pipe Fitting, PTFE Flexible Hose with Male Thread PT1/8 (RC1/8), Slip on Flange Rubber Expansion Joint and so on.

  • Single Bellows Expansion Joint - DME Expansion Joints

    DME custom manufactures single bellows expansion joints in 1-1/2″ through 104″ diameters. Bellows design follows EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association) standards and all welding is in accordance with ASME Section IX. T-321 stainless steel is the most widely used material for bellows applications.

  • Metal expansion joints - EagleBurgmann

    stainless steel in austenitic steel, Incoloys, Inconels or exhaust bellows to sophisticated engineered solu-tions for fluid catalytic cracking units. In any duct or piping system with a high temperature Metal expansion joints are installed in flue gas piping systems. Metal expansion joints can be designed in many shapes and

  • About Us - ExhaustBellows

    Born in 1985, he entered the stainless steel bellows industry after graduating from university in 2008. He has 10 years of experience in the overseas sales of bellows expansion joints. Visited Russia, Dubai, Iran, Brazil, now mainly focused on the Western European and North American markets.

  • Exhaust Bellows - Exhaust Expansion Joints Exporter from Pune

    Exporter of Exhaust Bellows - Exhaust Expansion Joints, Expansion Bellows Joints, Generator Exhaust Bellows offered by Softt Bellows, Pune, Maharashtra. We make use of high grade stainless steel and other factor components and follow strict industrial guidelines in the manufacturing process. Some of the industries we cater with our world

  • Stainless Steel Bellows - Expansion Joint Bellow Exporter

    Providing vital assistance in reducing vibrations, providing for thermal expansion & contraction and allowing lateral offset at pipeline joints, these Stainless Steel Bellows accommodate lateral, angular and axial movement that can be concurrent or non-concurrent at rated maximums.

  • V Flex Bellows

    The baroda based company manufacturing wide range of Metallic Expansion Bellows / Joints / Compensators and Flexible Corrugated Hoses of various sizes, types and range as per EJMA and international standards. and technical know-how / expertise by qualified Engineers and quality oriented team gathered over a period has helped V FLEX BELLOWS

  • Hyspan - Expansion Joints, Low Pressure Expansion Joints

    Series 2500 Round Expansion Joints are specifically designed for light weight circular ducting used for engine exhaust systems, flue stacks, fan connectors, ventilation ducting and air handling systems. for standard assemblies are Type 304 stainless steel for the bellows, van stone ends and flow liners, and A-36 carbon steel plate flanges

  • Exhaust Flexible Connectors - Flexonics

    Allowable Pressure Stainless Steel Bellows – Vacuum to 15 psig; Temperature Limits Stainless Steel Bellows – -20°F to 1500°F. ** Axial Traverse – To 4 1/2″…(depending on size) Lateral Motion- Up to 1.0″…(depending on size) * For sizes larger than 18” consult factory for information.

  • Fabric Expansion Joint Catalog - U.S. Bellows

    Phone: +1-713-731-0030 5 Fabric Expansion Joint Catalog sales@usbellows Description Single Expansion Joints Single Flanged Expansion Joint for an Exhaust Duct..66

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